WorkMax Complete Suite


One platform for modern resource management.

The WorkMax Complete Suite is a unified platform of cloud-based resource management solutions. WorkMax delivers the best all-around value of any Resource Management solution; however, the real value of WorkMax goes far beyond the low total cost of ownership. 

Businesses can configure the WorkMax platform of modules to fit their business without hidden fees or forced upgrades to more costly editions, providing a flexible, expandable platform to better serve customers of any size, in any industry. WorkMax customers can pick and price resource management solutions exactly how they want it. WorkMax’s low cost of ownership means companies can place the power of the WorkMax resource management platform into the hands of their entire workforce.

WorkMax allows organizations to build truly automated end-to-end processes that help businesses focus on what matters most: their people, their assets and their customers. One vendor, one complete solution, one modern mobile, remote and local resource management platform. 

It's all right here. All in one place.

We're here to help your team manage time and labor, company assets, electronic forms, scheduling service and dispatch of company resources - as simply as possible. The mobile workforce management market is filled with unnecessary layers of complexity and costly implementations.The WorkMax platform has been built to fix this with beautiful, scalable web-based business solutions.

A top-notch team of designers, engineers and industry professionals with vast experience in mobile resource management have worked through all the little details, ensuring all WorkMax modules are intuitive, simple and consistent. Today's businesses utilize a workforce of mobile, remote and local teams to get work done. WorkMax instantly connects your teams, helping them better capture, track and manage your most critical business resources in real-time.

The Complete Suite Includes:



Your people are your most valuable resource. This time and attendance solution is built for your entire workforce including local staff, mobile workers and remote employees. Connect your teams, capture accurate data and manage workforce labor from anywhere, any device, anytime. 



Paper forms slow your team down. Go completely paperless and make field forms easy and efficient for your entire staff. The paper forms you use today can easily be built and deployed to mobile devices including surveys, safety, compliance, work orders and any other form your business needs. 



Where are your company assets, tools and equipment? Who has what? Whether your assets are mobile, local or remote, our asset module helps your team keep track of usage, location and assignment, while eliminating loss. 



Service your customers better by having the right people in the right place, at the right time. Help your team and your customers stay in sync as GPS location stamps and real-time data helps dispatch and schedule your workers efficiently. 



You simply can't be everywhere all of the time, so you need real-time instant visibility. Insight gives 360 degree visibility across all of your teams and resources right now. Make better decisions quicker by knowing what is happening now across your entire network of resources.