Sage Paperless Construction


It's time to Eliminate the paper chase.

Simplify processes from project start to finish and eliminate the paper chase for accounting and operations staff. Sage Paperless Construction integrates with your Sage 100 Contractor or Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate solution to reduce costs, save time, and increase productivity.

With Sage Paperless Construction, you’ll gain control over electronic content with an easy way to store, retrieve, and route documents throughout your organization. Automate your routing and approval workflow processes to improve communications. Manage invoices and other critical documents with efficiency and confidence.


Discover How Going paperless can improve your bottom line and operational efficiency.

Get all benefits of a paperless solution, tailored to meet the needs and expectations of the construction and real estate industries:

  • SAVE TIME by eliminating the paper chase and wasted effort looking for lost or misplaced files.

  • IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY by providing easier access to company- and project-related documents.

  • INCREASE EFFICIENCY across your organization with automated document distribution and invoice approval processes.

  • MAKE PAYMENTS PROMPT AND EASIER TO TRACK so you can build stronger relationships with subcontractors.

  • ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR PAPER FILES and their storage fees.

With Sage Paperless, Get ready to:



Replace your manual invoice approval and coding systems with a paperless process. You’ll reduce the cost of invoice processing and ensure prompt payments with quicker approval of invoices. Plus you can find support documentation when you need it using an easy search tool based on your access privileges.


Route documents automatically across your organization and increase productivity.

Store and distribute documents to company employees electronically using predefined rules. Establish return dates, monitor route progress, and review status of routed content. You can route one or multiple documents at a time and even recall content as needed.


Store and protect documents so you can find them when you need them most.

Centralize all your vital business content in one secure location. Index, protect, and manage content so you can find documents in a snap.


Retrieve crucial information.

Easily retrieve images using any combination of index fields, keyword search, or user-defined folder view. Content is protected by document- and index-level security.


Capture documents and data.

Capture, upload, or import any type of document from any location. You can use send to functionality in Microsoft® Office, XML import, forms capture, and much more.



Define document types and indexes and securely store documents on any network drive or device. You can also look up and backfill index values from external databases.


Learn more in the walk-through video below: