Sage 100 Contractor

Formerly known as Sage Master Builder, Sage 100 Contractor provides the easiest access to critical job cost and project information to help you manage  your business operations more effectively. Perfect for Small- to Mid-Sized businesses, Sage 100 Contractor offers real visibility for real results that will help you thrive.

More projects. More clients. More information.

In an industry highly sensitive to scheduling and costs, the need for integrated software to provide better visibility and control of your business and its projects has never been more significant.

With customizable dashboards, work centers, email alerts and instant access to project profitability and status details, Sage 100 Contractor ensures you command is always close at hand. Unlike many competing products, Sage 100 Contractor manages all phases of construction and service management in one, easy to use, integrated solution.

As a decision maker for your business, you'll be able to access big-picture views of the organization's landscape and manage operations more effectively - completely supported by Cornerstone, a long-time Sage Authorized Partner you can trust.


Sage 100 Contractor is software built for the type of work you do: construction. It handles critical tasks like estimating, job costing, project management and running payroll with ease. With Sage 100 Contractor, your business can achieve something truly unique. You and your employees can gain the visibility you need to take decisive action and seize every opportunity to improve profits.

Let us walk you through it:



A customizable dashboard and industry-specific reports and queries -
all with drill-down capabilities - allow you to easily get the information
you need and verify that it's accurate - every time.



Not only can you complete bids more quickly and accurately, but from the estimate,
you can export budgets, proposals, subcontracts, purchase orders and more -
saving you time and eliminating unnecessary data entry and the mistakes that often come with it.



Construction projects are complex. Track all project management details in one place and keep
your jobs on schedule and within your given budget. With Sage Construction Project Center, you can
monitor outstanding tasks, track important project details and easily view valuable job contact information.