Liberty Reports


Intelligent, Excel-Based Reporting.

Liberty Reports is the latest generation of Event 1 Software’s award-winning, Excel-based reporting technology.  Use it to generate reports with your business data by transforming Excel into a powerful and intuitive reporting engine.  Using the Liberty Reports add-in, Excel becomes the environment in which you design and run reports.  Use your existing Excel skills to produce highly effective and interactive results including:

•  Business intelligence reports
•  Management reports
•  Exception reports
•  Auditing tools
•  And much more!

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ENhance the effectiveness of your business intelligence.

Liberty Reports is a reporting add-in for Microsoft Excel® that transforms business reporting as you know it. With it, Excel becomes an interactive reporting tool that connects directly to your company databases. Leveraging what you already know about Excel, you can use your company data in combination with Excel’s robust features and be liberated to do more with business reporting than ever before.


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Easy Connection.

Accessing your data is made easy. There is no need for you to create data sources or build SQL queries. Simply select your database, supply login credentials and you’re ready to begin your Excel-based reporting.



Whether you use one of the pre-built reports, build your own, or have a report built for you, reports can be run and refreshed allowing you to retrieve current data values with just a click of the Refresh button.

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Save data with Reports.

Data in a saved workbook can be refreshed automatically when you open the workbook or the last queried values can be stored in the workbook and redisplayed. This enables you to work with a snapshot of your data and work disconnected from your database.


Query Wizard.

With a designer license, the query wizard makes it a snap to create Excel queries that give you speedy access to live data. Queries can be used with “parameters” that give you the ability to interact with your data in real time. This allows you to create robust queries that can automatically bring together data from multiple tables, sort data, summarize, and filter data.



When you need to share your report with others who don’t use Liberty Reports, use the Save As Values feature. This turns a Liberty Reports report into an ordinary Excel workbook containing static data in place of the linked data.

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Also with a designer license, function wizards guide you step by step making it easy to use Liberty Reports functions in your Excel formulas.



Liberty Reports adds a set of worksheet functions that you can use in Excel much like other Excel functions. A Liberty Reports worksheet function can retrieve distinct or aggregate values from your database for display in a specific cell in your worksheet or for use in an Excel calculation. Database functions similar to Excel's SUM, VLOOKUP, COUNT functions, and others extend the power of Excel to include direct references to your company data.


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