GTCO CalComp Digitizers


Quality Tools for Superior Results.

Discover new opportunities to create highly effective and efficient designs. GTCO CalComp by Turning Technologies develops and manufactures industry leading computer input peripherals. These digitizing, screen printing and measurement solutions receive the highest quality of craftsmanship and are engineered to effectively improve individual and team productivity.

GTCO CalComp's digitizers are compatible with every leading estimating software program. This ensures each user's hardware investment will be protected, and allows them the broadest possible choice of software, now or in the future. GTCO CalComp's digitizers are sold through a comprehensive network of resellers that includes every major construction software developer. As a GTCO CalComp business partner, we can configure a completely computerized estimating solution designed for your specific needs, as well as provide local support and training.

Open up new and exciting business opportunities with highly precise blueprint and drawing measurements.

Integrate with today’s leading estimating software platforms for exceptional quality and performance and to ensure hardware longevity. Create error-free calculations that can be easily read, analyzed and revised in real-time for systemic takeoffs.

  • Use a variety of cursors and stylus pens to generate high resolution imagery.
  • Input solutions available for Computer-Aided Design (CAD) professionals for simple data entry and increase productivity.
  • Built-in diagnostic tests automatically performed each time digitizer is turned on

Using a GTCO CalComp digitizer, a professional estimator can quickly and accurately determine the length of ducting or conduit, the number of breaker boxes or sheets of dry wall, or the area of an irregularly-shaped parking lot, carpet or concrete slab simply by touching end points, selecting objects, or tracing a boundary on an ordinary blueprint. This enables your estimators to perform highly accurate takeoffs in less time, submit more bids, and ultimately win more jobs.


Industry leader in precision and speed.

Engineered for fast delivery and superior accuracy in blueprint takeoffs.


Durable and Dependable.

Built with advanced and resilient materials for extreme working conditions.


Unrivaled mobility.

Design from the office or on-the-go with complete flexibility.


Personalize your workspace.

Customize digitizer and pointing devices that best fit your working style.