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Webinar: What's new in Sage Estimating v17.12?

Isn't it time you demanded more from your estimating software?

Increased functionality. Enhanced features. More robust capability. Welcome to Sage Estimating SQL v17.12.

During our complimentary webinar, we'll give you the breakdown on Sage Estimating SQL v17.12 and its newest, most exciting features, including:

  • Automatic Overline Quantity Calculations. With the automatic overline quantity calculation feature, you can quickly get to critical information when summarizing an estimate's material quantities; the program calculates summary quantities based on units of measure and displays them in the overline quantity cells of the spreadsheet.

  • Expanded Copy Assembly Functionality. Now you can copy assemblies between estimates, saving time and effort. You'll no longer face the tedium of matching takeoff variable inputs or customizing the generated items, nor will you have to settle for copying a collection of items, losing valuable review assembly information in the process.

  • Additional Data Connector Functionality. Integration to and from Microsoft Excel has been extended to units, locations and subcategories lists. The import and export processes are simple, consistent and can easily create log files that list changes to their estimate or database and capture any exceptions.

  • New, Modernized Selection Windows. Select and Edit windows have been updated for the unit, location and subcategory fields. It's now easier to view estimate and database lists before assigning values to estimate items and other records.

  • ...And MORE! Including spreadsheet enhancements, improved report manager, improved data synchronization, expanded field widths and refined license administration.


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