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Webinar: Bring ProCore + Sage Together with anterraBI


Operating your business using reports from separate systems leads to wasted time, lost revenue and missed opportunities. 

That's where anterraBI comes in.

Join us to learn how anterraBI can offer you:

  • A comprehensive, cloud-based business intelligence and reporting platform to provide you with a single view of your key job cost and financial data from Sage, coupled with your Project Management data from ProCore.
  • Both prebuilt and user-defined reporting with drill-down capability that enables you and your team to make more informed decisions and get early visibility into jobs that are at risk.
  • The ability to build your own dashboards to show Project Management, Margin, Cost, and Labor on a single dashboard, using both Sage and ProCore data.
  • Gain crucial visibility across a variety of data points drawn from both systems, including: change order status from ProCore; submittal status from ProCore; job margin gain and erosion from your Sage accounting system; labor rate variance; job cash position; top project bottlenecks - and more!
  • Mobile access, so you can get the data you need - at-a-glance and at your fingertips - from wherever you are.

Join us and learn more!

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