Support & Maintenance Services

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When you need software support, you don’t want to have to wait on hold for hours to find a resolution. And how often do you finally get a live person on the phone, only to find out that he or she appears to have little to no experience with your product or specific issue? The quest for a fix has suddenly snowballed into hours or days wasted, cutting down on productivity and profitability – not to mention a diminished ROI for every moment your software isn’t up and running.

You deserve answers – on-time and from a source you can trust.

That’s where Cornerstone comes in. As your authorized Sage business partner, we want to make sure your support service matches the strength of your Sage software. With any of our new support and maintenance programs, you’re guaranteed to get someone on the line who has at least 10+ years of experience, specifically including a comprehensive understanding of the Sage product portfolio and its context within the construction and real estate industries. Recently distinguished among as many as 2,000 authorized Sage Business Partners across North America as the sole recipient of the 2014-2015 Sage Customer Excellence Award, Cornerstone can find your resolution and get you right back to work.

A plan to match your needs.

We understand that the size, mission and poised growth of your business affects the level of support you and your employees require. That’s why we developed three tiers of customer service programs to respond to the unique demands of virtually any construction and real estate business model. And don’t worry – if your request is considered routine work by the consultant, that’s covered under any form of plan you choose, so you can rest easy knowing all of your issues will be resolved in a timely, effective manner.



Our most basic support package still offers a level of service you want, need and expect for your business.

  • Guaranteed 16-hour response time

  • $5 off every hour of consulting

  • 5% discount on fixed rate services



The Executive support and maintenance package is designed for businesses on the precipice of greater growth, offering ample support to guide you through the transition.

  • Guaranteed 8-hour response time

  • $10 off every hour of consulting

  • 10% discount on fixed rate services

  • Complimentary 4-hour system review

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Enterprise plan

The Enterprise package is the ultimate in customer service excellence – offering our best, most immediate response to support requests.

  • Guaranteed 4-hour response time

  • $15 off every hour of consulting

  • 15% discount on fixed rate services

  • Complimentary execution of software updates

  • Complimentary full system review and year-long TUG membership