Experience the anterra advantage.

Anterra provides enterprise quality financial and construction reporting to you at a fraction of the cost.  Delivering world-class reporting across your organization.  anterraBI™ contains drill through financial statements, dashboards, scorecards and analytic tools to quickly see where you are performing outside of your plan.

Anterra solutions are designed to empower people with actionable information. Take advantage of pre-built financial and construction dashboards, drill through reports and analytics that connect to your accounting system. Save time and align your organization to best practice KPI’s.

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Improve reporting. Eliminate manually prepared spreadsheets. Manage Your business risks.

anterraBI™ improves your reporting and gets everyone at your construction company using the same vocabulary to measure project success. Here are the features that will give you a competitive advantage:



Build your own dashboards.

Anterra lets you design and build your own dashboards plus you can build your own key performance indicators that drill down to transactions. Click on the image below to launch an overview video.


Analyze labor costs.

You should be able to manage the largest risk in construction – hourly labor.  Our reports show you how you can quickly identify the root cause of a labor cost variance.


analyze job margin erosion.

Watch your margin trend by job over time.  Anterra's margin analysis dashboards and scorecard enable you to be proactive.  You can quickly pinpoint what jobs and what particular costs are causing you to lose margin and take corrective action.  Avoid the unpleasant surprise of disappearing margins at the end of jobs. 

Cost Status Scorecard.

Instant status of costs to date and variances with drill down to transactions.  We optionally red flag jobs and cost codes where costs have been recorded against items without an estimate.  This is an early warning indicator that you have a miscoding or need to do an estimate change order.


Committed cost dashboard.

You should know your procurement risk and commitment status in one place - we let you see where you stand with a clear commitment status dashboard.

Work backlog trending and allocation.

See your work backlog trend over time and drill to work backlog by division and project manager to see how your current backlog is spread across your company.  Anterra provides you with an instant picture of work backlog over time.  You can drill into the graph and see your allocation of work by division and project manager so you can see your resource allocation.  We provide a clear picture of the health of your business.


Job margin by Project manager, job type, division and region.

Want to know where you make or lose money on jobs?  Our pivot grid works with your company’s set up to let you “slice and dice” your job margin to find out where you are most and least profitable.  Knowledge is power and this helps you assess your bidding and work allocation strategy.


Want a quick rundown? CHeck out the overview video below: