Training & Events

Cornerstone Solutions offers a regular schedule of classes quarterly. Each month Cornerstone Solutions holds construction accounting, estimating, service management and real estate classes. Besides the scheduled classes, we offer on-line training or on-site training. You choose how and where you would like to be trained. If you need a refresher course in order to master a particular area, Cornerstone invites you to retake the same course anytime at no additional cost. Choose one solution or a combination to create the ideal training package to meet your individual business needs.

NEW - Estimating Database Conversions!!

Ready to convert your old 16 division Sage Estimating database to the new MasterFormat?

Say "Good-Bye" to the old 16 Divisions and say "Hello" to the new 48 Divisions. If you are an Estimating Extended user and if someone just can't say "Good-Bye" to the old way, not a problem. We can utilize those Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) codes to make the old always reappear. We can make it happen for you.

What is the MasterFormat? It is just the way to organize estimates in US and Canada. The big change from 16 Divisions to 32 Divisions happen back in about 2004, but it has grown to 48 division since than.It will be mainly effect the General Contractor that look at all aspects of the different divisions.

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